Tuesday, January 15, 2008

One week anniversary

Well, it's been one week. On the right, you see a fairly recent snapshot of the visitor locations. This blog has been visited by some 350 people from many locations, including New Zealand, Qatar, Finland, Canada, and The Philippines. That's a great start, and I hope to keep it going with interesting posts, comments, and discussions here. I intend to keep it fresh and intriguing, but I also count on you for that diversity and freshness. Chip in with a comment here or there, okay?
I already take away one lesson learned (re-learned, really) from the experience: free services are worth approximately what you paid for them. The wiki site we were using went haywire on us without any warning. I had no backup. But...'what doesn't kill you makes you stronger', and this gave me the opportunity to start over, add some new features, and this time, remember to store the wiki material in a $&#*@^ backup file!
Let's go for another great week!


Craig said...

Hi richard. Congrats on the start of your blog. Would you mind turning on the RSS feed fature or adding one via one of the subscription services?

That way I can keep up with your updates better.


Craig said...

I take that back. It's there already!

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