Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The birth of yet another project management blog.

My work in project management takes me all over the world and all over the web in search of project management excellence and better ways to develop and coach PMs.

The concept of Scope Creep is a common thread in our field. I also enjoy puns and plays on words. When I was thinking about this blog, and titling it, I must have been hungry. I was also reflecting on my last visit to France, and happened to be visualizing the batter from the crêpes being poured onto the grill and how it spread slowly from the center and -voila- the idea of Scope Creep as Scope Crêpe popped into my mind.

My aim is for this blog to raise and answer important questions and to discuss issues of Project Management. I will bring what I hope you find to be insight from my experience as a PM and later a founding member of a PMO for a large company, but also, perhaps more importantly, from the experience of colleagues and students. I have been developing and teaching a full curricula of project management courses for years. In that work, I encounter hundreds of students, a wealth of information and sometimes controversy. I have a gut feeling (there's that stomach talking again) that this is worth sharing.

I'm also co-authoring a book on project management called The Fiddler on the Project. I see this blog also as a means to test ideas, and to continue to open that book up for collaboration. You'll note that there is a poll on this page referencing the book and the associated wiki - http://fiddlerontheproject.wikidot.com . Please take a moment to visit and to at least take the survey accesible from that site.

So - stay tuned - I hope to keep this light and flavorful, and yet strangely satisfying. Like a crêpe .

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