Monday, October 19, 2009

Bored --> Board --> Exciting

Today, I'm very happy to announce that I've become a Distributor for a tremendous product that brings fun, intrigue, and yes, even thrills to the world of learning about project management. Thus the image above.

Project management learning should be a little more like that, don't you think? Well, it can be, with a board game that takes project managers on a bit of a roller-coaster ride through a project and teaches them about risk and much more.

The board game, which was carefully developed over a nine year period by Kay Wais at Successful Projects can now be obtained via my company, Exclaim!PM.

See the press release HERE.

This game and supporting materials - although focused on project risk management - really uses the "churning is learning" philosophy that Kay and I agree is so basically important to the way adults learn about project management in general.

I plan to use adopt it in my series of courses that make up a Master's Certificate in PM, and if you are an educator or student of PM and would like to do the same, please contact me for information and availability of the materials.

Here's a picture of the game:

There's a video of the game here.

For more about the game, contact me directly at



Anonymous said...

This looks really interesting...I wonder if I could use it with my sixth grade students?

Rich said...

Yes, you can. In fact, let me refer you to this article, in particular about Massachusetts 6th-graders, in fact...

Erik said...

Gee Rich - I think I know what we're using for at least one night in Communication and Human Resources Management!

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