Sunday, July 12, 2009


Greenality. You probably never heard that word before. But we want to change that. We want you - project managers - to take the lead in making projects more green.

If we want to measure how green a project is, we need a word. If you want to check how original an idea is, we look into its originality. So if we want to check how green a project is, we've decided to coin the term greenality.

You can actually help. My colleague Dave Shirley, PMP, and I have placed the word greenality in Urban Dictionary and in Wikipedia. All we'd like you to do is go to THIS LINK and vote thumbs up on the word. Also if you have comments about expanding and illustrating greenality on wikipidea, just look it up first by clicking HERE and comment to this blog posting with your ideas.

Thanks for your help!


Andrew Meyer said...


I love your writing and insights. Let me add something to your greenality idea.

Whether a project can effect green house gas emissions, really depends what the project is about. To determine this, one has to know the sources of greenhouse gases. For a quick check of this, check out

If a project is decreasing the amount of electricity required, then it is a greenality project. If a project is to develop a new piece of software functionality, then for all practical purposes, it has no greenality.

My little addition to the pie.

Rich said...

Andrew -- Agree to disagree.

We (EarthPM) assert that EVERY project can contribute to greenality whether they have direct energy impact or not. For example the SW development project could choose to use:

-- recyclable packaging
-- electronic meetings rather than travel
-- electronic media versus paper
-- donate a % of profits to WWF

etc etc

That is where our EarthPM heads are at...


Anonymous said...

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