Thursday, June 4, 2009

Go Banana Slugs!

I never would have believed it unless I looked it up. And I did.

The official mascot for the University of California Santa Cruz is the ... Banana Slug. You can see one in action here.

What does this possibly have to do with project management? Not too much, but a little. I was asked to guest blog on the UCSC Silicon Valley Extension project management page, and I happily accepted. And this is before I knew about the Banana Slug logo.

So if you want to have a look at some posts - they may look familiar because some of them were re-treaded versions of ScopeCrepe postings, then you should slither over immediately (or whenever your sluggish activity gets you there) to:

...and have a look at my three postings. But don't stop there, you will also find (or perhaps instead find) excellent material from other PM personalities. Give it a shot, ya big slug!

Let's Go Banana Slugs!!!

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