Sunday, April 5, 2009

Hubba Hubba

The hub. That's Boston's nickname. Its origin is interesting but basically it's because we think (and you can hate us for it or love us for it) that we are the center of everything.

Find out more about this colorful nickname at this link.

You can actually see it illustrated right there (on the right) in the logo of the Boston Bruins, our NHL (ice hockey) team. In fact, this is a year of resurgence for the Bruins, they are headed to the playoffs with a top seed, and lots of momentum.

So what does this have to do with project management, you ask, somewhat impatiently?

Hold on...I'm getting there.

There's a source for science and business information to which I would like to direct you called Bright Hub. Okay...there's the connection you were craving...

Bright Hub describes itself this way:

Bright Hub’s goal is simple: share knowledge about how the simplest scientific idea evolves into tomorrow’s technology.

With an expert writer network and an active community of life-long enthusiasts Bright Hub provides a level of technology transparency rarely seen in high tech. The team of writers and managing editors utilize deep domain expertise to focus on creating valuable information for both novice and advanced consumers. With a content inventory of thousands of science and technology articles, software and hardware reviews, buyer’s guides, blog entries and forum discussions, Bright Hub is able to provide readers with a dependable resource to make informative technology decisions.

I signed up to write some articles for Bright Hub and have now just published my sixth one. I'd like to ask that you visit the articles and also poke around (given the "hub" analogy, I suppose I could ask you to "spoke" around) for the rich information that is there.

Bright Hub's categories are here:

And you can find my articles here:

My latest one, "Watch your language" is here.

If you want to bookmark a place to always find all of my articles, go here.



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