Friday, April 3, 2009

Are your project teams - inspired?

Perhaps your project teams are in the doldrums. Pehaps they are good folks, but are acting, shall we say, lethargic.

How do you get them more active, more motivated, more... inspired?

We know from our experts in psychology that it can't be achieved just by cash, and we know that people don't always respond to threats of punishment or consequences. So what is a project manager to do?
Well one thing a PM can do is to make themselves a more informed - and inspiring - leader by visiting Michael Greer's blog and podcast, to be found at .

Michael has recently added the podcast feature and I've reviewed a few of them. I found them easy to listen to, full of good information, and very well-referenced, so that if the posting leaves you hungry for more, there will inevitably be a book or link which will feed that hunger.
Direct from the website, here are the objectives of the podcasts:

Each audio will contain the same content as the printed posts, namely:

  • Quotations that might inspire project managers or project team members.
  • Reflections to think about… as project manager or project leader.
  • Team Challenges – Questions and suggestions to challenge your teams to stretch and grow.
  • Project Manager Challenges – Specific actions for project managers or team leaders.

Check these out. I think you'll like them.

Then go get your team inspired!

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