Friday, March 27, 2009

evorpmI ruoY Xobni

That's Improve Your Inbox, backwards.

Xobni is Inbox - spelled backwards.

As a project manager, communications makes up a huge portion of your work, and nowadays, email is often, like it or not, the bulk of that communications.

So wouldn't it be nice if someone came along with a program which improves your Outlook inbox, makes it fun to use, adds instant new angles to how you view people, including instantaneously extracting phone numbers, pictures, even histograms of when they are more responsive to emails?

And wouldn't it be cool if the program were eerf? Um, I mean free?

Well, that's the case with Xobni. Xobni is an email add-in for Outlook and although I have only been using it for a short time, I see it as a very nice addition for project managers in particular.

Below is a link to an introductory video on Xobni. It describes it much better than I can.

If you want to check it out for yourself, go to the Xobni website, .

The download is fast and the installation is simple.

If you don't trust my opinion, here is a review of Xobni from PC World Magazine:

Your comments about Xobni would be detaicerppa. I mean, appreciated.

Since I only just started using Xobni a few days ago, and since it's such a new add-in, I'd like your comments and feedback.

Do you like it in general?

Do you find it particularly useful for PM applications or PM reasons?

Thanks in advance for your comments here.


Christina Ocasio said...


I have been using xobni for a while now. I have probably been reading your blog a bit longer. I really like xobni. The feature I like the best is the extraction of all the files that one exchanges through email. It makes it so easy to go back and find that quote, project document or specification that a project member sent you. I use it extensively.

Alec Satin - Making Project Management Better said...

Hi Rich,

Best post title I've seen anywhere in some time!

Xobni can definitely help Outlook users and is worth playing with if you spend a lot of time in Outlook.

Have a great week.

Soma said...

HI Rich,

I took your word and downloaded xobni. It's a great tool and since I use outlook for my work, it is a big help.

Thanks a lot.

Marcus T. said...

Hi at all,

I just want to mention if you like Outlook and tools that help you with Outlook you should also test Lookeen!!!
I love this tool, especially that is searchs within attachments find I very useful!! :)

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