Sunday, January 18, 2009

Jump start your brain in 2009

It's 2009.
You've made your New Year's resolutions. Right?

Hopefully one of them was to further your thinking in Project Management.
If not, make it one. If so, well, here's a nice little item that will help you do just that.

The folks at Lucidus Consulting of the UK asked me to have a look at their book - pictured to the right (or, perhaps since it's from the UK, it's on the other side). Just a little driving humor...
In any case, what you'll find here is a collection of 50 postings that can also be found in downloadable format at . Still, it's nice to have the book. Something about the tactile turning of pages and ability to touch the pictures that makes it more satisfying...

The book is divided into five chapters, organized loosely around these themes:

What you know and applying it in the real project world
TWO: The positives from old-school project management - things that worked then and still should now
THREE: Re-tooling some of the basic, older tools of PM
FOUR: Decision-making and risk
FIVE: Collaboration and the human element in Project Management

With 50 thoughts to think about, I can't even think about thinking about sharing those thoughts with you.
So what I'll do instead, is just encourage you to get the book (find it here) or at least see the articles on the website, and tell you that it will be woth your while. It will jump-start your brain for 2009.

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