Saturday, January 24, 2009

Identify your Stakeholders: by Heineken

The new PMBOK(R) Guide has a new process called, Identify Stakeholders.

I am going to write much more about that but for now, I just really have to share with you an example of Stakeholder Identification that ought to make you laugh.

It's a Dutch commercial, so there is no English in it at all. Still, I would be amazed, truly amazed, if even my English-speaking audience cannot get a chuckle out of this one.

The link to project management? Well, I advise that you watch the video first and then come back here.

Watch the video before reading the rest of the post!
Just click on the link above or the can below.

Make sure you have your sound turned up.

OK. See the video?

Whoever built the house had to first identify the needs of key stakeholders, in this case "she" and "he", and had to listen carefully to their needs. Although my guess is that the "resources" aspect of this project was least constrained, it appears - and especially sounds - like the project was a success.


Update 2 March 2009: Bavaria has spoofed the Heineken commercial quite nicely.



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