Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Hope. Scope.

I couldn't resist.

Today was the inauguration for (now) President Barack Obama. Those readers in the US will undoubtedly be familiar with the above poster for candidate Obama, using a saturated red/blue/yellow format. The campaign and the inauguration all seemed to be about HOPE. Without getting overly political, I must say that it was an impressive day - and I believe a good one - for America. The speech was a good one. If you missed it, you should either hear it or read it. You can read a transcript here, courtesy of NPR.

I found a site called obamicon.me which allows users to upload a picture and "Obamify" it.

So, given the theme of the blog, and the propesity for PMs to be all about Scope, I had to create a version for my readers.

I'll close by saying that it's clear that Presidant Obama has a huge scope of work to accomplish and that I hope he's able to get it done with all the grace and success of the world's best project manager!


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