Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The new PMBOK Guide is here! What's your "care" level?

The new PMBOK(R) Guide comes out today! THE NEW PMBOK(R) GUIDE COMES OUT TODAY!


Do you care? I am running some surveys about this on various PM LinkedIn groups. But perhaps you'd like to respond anonymously?

So I ask that you do so here and I will report the results. Here is the poll:

Regarding the new (4th Edition) PMBOK Guide, I would like to know if you *care* about this, and your reasons for caring or not.

Using the following scale:

1. Exhilarated, Overjoyed
2. Excited, Very Interested
3. Mildly interested
4. Passing interest
5. Doesn't mean anything to me

...please provide your rating number and a very quick rationale as to why you chose that number. Do you refer to the PMBOK Guide often? Are you using it to study for the PMP Exam and wonder how the test changes?

You can either comment here, or vote using the panel to the left. Or both.

VOTING CLOSES on 10 January 2009.

I appreciate your help. Happy New Year!


Andrew Meyer said...


I'll be very unanonymous about it. There's a level of project management knowledge that's necessary, but beyond that basic knowledge, the rest isn't that relevant.

If the highest curb you'll ever face is less than a foot high, being able to clear 7 foot hurdles isn't that meaningful. It provides people who sell high jump coaching a lot of employment and consulting dollars if they can convince you it's important, but it doesn't help in the practical matter of clearing curbs or managing projects.


Anonymous said...

Rich, I'll provide a similar answer to the one I publicly avouched on LinkedIn.

Between 3 and 4, Rich. I PMP'ed before the announcement of the change to PMBOK v3 in 2004, and the stunning thought that I and others had at that time was that PMI had changed an ISO-Certified Practice Standard from being 210+ pages to over 378 pages. If you think about that, it should strike you as being fairly significant, and a number of my peers thought so as well (though we'd all passed around the same time under the prior revision).

Just how do you change a practice standard THAT much?

Though I've not had the benefit of seeing the upcoming revision yet, I would hope that they don't so significantly reorganize it such that those in progress are hampered in studying the material and having to relearn the organization of knowledge groupings. For me personally, I might be inclined to selfishly rank it as a 5 (I'm certified until 2011), but for my colleagues who will be taking the exam in the future, I'm concerned that the standard is running a bit amok. I hope it truly doesn't. For their sake, my answer is more of a 3.


Anonymous said...

The first 50 results are in.

The score is around a 3.2 (so a little less than "Mildly Interested").

Scores for non-PMPs were a little lower (i.e. they were more interested in the new PMBOK(R) Guide).

I was impressed with the quality of the comments. Many people took the time to write entire paragraphs and in turn, I took the opportunity to join networks with the wordiest of all-y'all. Thanks for your participation!

Sreejith said...

I will give rating 2.
My major concern is how much it differs from the 3rd edn!
I have expressed some of my concerns here:



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