Sunday, December 28, 2008

*EXTREME* active risk acceptance

For those of you who follow The Onion, a website which provides an ironic/sarcastic view of the news, you know that they have a talent for covering stories with a certain, er... flair.

So although this one is a bit morbid, I think it makes an excellent point about accepting risk - in this case, accepting it a bit too eagerly.

You'll see what I mean - but remember, this is not for those who are easily offended.

Here is the link:
WARNING: some viewers may find this a bit disturbing. Remember, however: this is sarcasm.

The punchline: when you identify risk and decide that it is going to be accepted, remember that you have two choices of risk acceptance:

-passive acceptance, in which case you decide to just let it happen (perhaps the impact is very low, the probability is tiny, or both)

-active acceptance, in which case you make a contingency plan for the risk occurring

Normally, active acceptance would mean, for example, having money and/or time set aside for the occurrence of the risk.

When you decide to accept risk, think carefully. Is there some way to prevent it from happening? Is it really the kind of risk that should be accepted?

In this case...well... just see the video...and I'd appreciate your comments.

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