Thursday, December 4, 2008

Doctor, doctor, give me the news

Are you sick over risk? Are you addicted to risk? Is it just time for a general risk checkup?

I'd like to point you to a great resource regarding project risk management: The Risk Doctor.

The Risk Doctor is David Hillson.

Dr. David Hillson is an international risk management consultant and a popular conference speaker, and a founding member of the Risk SIG (special interest group) of PMI. He also has written (along with Peter Simon) a very readable and useful book called "Practical Project Risk Management" (see reference below). In particular, I'd like to send you to a page from his website which has free PDF downloads of his recent articles on project risk management. That link is here:

His latest article connects the theories of Abraham Maslow to risk attitude. Very interesting reading for those like me who like to understand the human element of dealing with risk and uncertainty. Maybe you like that, too. Maybe not. I'm uncertain.

It's a case of the doctor giving you the that 1999 Robert Palmer song.

If you have a look at the articles and like his writing, you may find his book also to come in handy. I've found the sections on formulating risk statement, identifying stakeholders' attitudes to risk, and "selling" risk management to upper management to be particularly helpful in both my work and in the classes that I teach on the subject of risk.

Here is a link to the book (just click on the book to get sent to its Amazon page):

Just to influence your risk attitude about this, I have no interest in promoting the book or the site other than the fact that I think there's good information for you there.

So, see your doctor. Have a glass of red wine each week. Get some exercise. Read a good book. Reduce stress. And cut down on those fatty foods!

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