Tuesday, November 18, 2008

You're not quite done voting...

Change we need.

We need change.

Between the voting and the economic crisis, we have heard a lot of both. Bankers asking for change, carmakers asking for change, quite a lot of change. Politicians asking for votes, politicians asking for change...

Thought you were done? Not quite.

I'm asking if you'll take a moment and provide a vote, also. Our book, The Fiddler on the Project, has been submitted as a "Manifesto" at the ChangeThis web site.

You can help us out - and help PM as well by going here and with one click, you have voted: http://www.changethis.com/proposals/1430

What is "Change This"? Have a look at the first couple of FAQs from their site:

What is this? Where am I?

ChangeThis is a new kind of media. It's calm and thoughtful and direct and transparent. And unlike almost every other form of media, it reaches people through community. If an idea is a good one, it'll spread, because people like you will send it to their friends. Unlike a broadcaster, we're not using FCC frequencies to send our ideas to people who don't want to hear them.

Unlike a book or a newspaper, it's free. And there are no ads.

Unlike a web site, we're not a place you go to. You're more likely to get a manifesto from a friend or find one on a blog. (But if you want them before anyone else, sign up for our once-every-two-weeks newsletter.)

The ChangeThis website is our archive, our info center and an easy place to subscribe.

Who are you?

ChangeThis was built in the summer of 2004 by Amit Gupta, Catherine Hickey, Noah Weiss, Phoebe Espiritu and Michelle Sriwongtong. You can read their bios in this blog entry. The original idea behind ChangeThis came from Seth Godin. You can read about him on his website.

In the summer of 2005, ChangeThis was turned over to 800-CEO-READ. In addition to selling business books, they keep ChangeThis up and running with their love and tender care. To learn more about 800-CEO-READ, read their daily blog.

So please do my co-author, Ranjit Biswas, and myself a favor and give us your vote. Thanks!

1 comment:

Andrew Meyer said...

Voting done (I think). You now have a significant lead over other offerings.

Hopefully things are going well for you.


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