Monday, November 3, 2008

An important and historic week...

Yes, this week will contain a momentous date. One that is the culmination of months and months of planning, involving people of all creeds, honoring the right we all have to express ourselves and to be recognized. A time for change! A time for hope!

I speak not of the US Election for President, although that could also be described this way. I speak instead of International Project Management Day! It's bigger than the US Election because it's international. It's better than the US Election because it has much fewer accusations, costs much less, and although it generates many fewer editorials, it's all about us - the project managers of the world.

Go visit to see what is going on in your neck of the woods on 6-November or the surrounding days!


This letter just came in from Frank Saladis - the originator of International PM Day:


Dear Colleagues,Something that has always been in my thoughts, especially while I am traveling and have a few moments of down time, is the basic fact that, in most organizations I have worked with, project managers do not seem to receive fair recognition for the work they do. Certainly the project sponsor and maybe a few stakeholders will offer some type of thanks or appreciation upon the completion of a successful project but generally, the people who are the actual target audience of the project deliverables often go about their daily operations without any thought about how the new system that has improved their well being was provided or how their new cafeteria was designed and built, or their newly expanded parking lot was completed.There are countless examples of projects that are completed without even a moment's pause to celebrate the success and thank those who completed the work. As we observe International Project Management Day, 6 November, 2008 it is important to take time and think about the contributions of the many thousands of project managers and teams who work diligently and with care and professionalism to provide us with many items we take for granted. Everyone has gazed in awe at a breathtaking city skyline or experienced the thrill of an amusement park roller coaster or enjoyed a great movie. These are but a few examples of project management that touch our lives daily. Tom Peters, a well know management guru, often stated that "all work is project work." If you think about your work environment or your home environment you will soon notice that you are surrounded by projects. We initiate, plan, execute, monitor and control, and close (to some extent) just about everything we set out to do.Of course, not every project is successful, but even in those that don't meet their objectives, we can find lessons learned and ways to improve. It is my sincere belief that all successful project managers should be recognized for their leadership, ability to create high performing teams, sense of purpose, and willingness to keep moving forward even during the most trying of times. International Project Management Day provides an excellent opportunity to do just that. Recognition of project teams and acknowledgment of people who do great things are key factors associated with the project manager position and I strongly urge all managers, project sponsors, project executives, and peer groups to think of some way, regardless or how simple it may be, to show appreciation for those who deliver on the expectations that have been set.There's a wide variety of ways to observe International Project Management Day. On the one hand these can include formal events like internal company meetings, presentations about the value of project management, recognition breakfasts, lunches or receptions honoring project teams, local government recognition or proclamation, coordinated professional association events or recognition at a previously scheduled project management event. On the other hand, informal events can also be meaningful and enjoyable. For example, you could just go out to lunch with other project managers you work with and talk about what contributions project management has made to your organization and what positive steps you could take to advance its practice and contributions. However large or small, elaborate or simple an observation may be possible in your circumstances, we urge you to find some way to recognize the value that project management and project managers make to your enterprise on International Project Management Day 2008.

Frank P. Saladis PMP

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