Sunday, November 23, 2008

And now for something completely different

This has not much to do with Project Management. However, I did enter a contest regarding a fable with a moral. And I decided to use this space to post it. Hey - it's my blog.

So without further ado, here is a children's story I am working on in the form of a poem, which is also a story, which does have a moral.

It involves a sandwich, two teachers, and a stunning revelation which turns the whole story around. Okay, so maybe that's overstating it. It only has 250 words, for goodness sake!


Copyright(C) 2008 Rich Maltzman

Linda Meltzer Ate My Lunch

I work with Linda Meltzter
We teach at the same school
We teach the little children
Who think we’re pretty cool

I liked to work with Linda M
Right up until that time...
When Linda Meltzer stole my lunch
A nasty, awful crime

Yes, Linda Meltzer ate my sandwich
I know that this is true.
She ate my peanut butter sandwich
And my banana, too!

Linda Meltzer ate my sandwich
She took it for her lunch
She had my chocolate chip granola
It’s much more than a hunch

I had my brown bag labeled
I neatly wrote each letter
Nobody should have taken it
They’re teachers, they know better

But somehow Linda grabbed it
She’s got me really MIFFED
I’m going to have to yell at her
She owes me a big gift!

But wait, my husband’s calling me
To tell me something funny
I blush, I gasp, I sit right down
And say “oh thank you, honey”

It seems he found a little bag
With letters square and neat
He’ll bring it by the school, he says
So I’ll have lunch to eat

And what of Linda Meltzer?
Not guilty after all...
I’m glad I figured out the truth
Before I made that call

I guess I learned a lesson:
Before you think the worst
And when you’re blaming "Linda Meltzers"
Please check the mirror first

Linda Meltzer ate her sandwich
It was a BLT
But I’m guessing that she’ll never know
How much her lunch taught me.


Anonymous said...

Loved the poem, may be I'll take a print out and pin it in the common board so everyone reads.


Lindsay said...

Hah, great poem, Rich! I could definitely see this published in a children's book. And, hey, many adults need this message too. :)

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