Friday, September 26, 2008

War - hnhhhh - what is it good for?

Okay, okay... I am not getting political here, just a little philosophical. I'm also reminiscing about the old Edwin Starr song, War. But all of this comes to mind because war (not actual fighting, per se, but but war in the sense of fighting real project managment battles) does yield lessons learned.

And lessons learned is the theme of PM War Stories, a series of inteviews in the form of a blog and podcast. I suggest you take advantage of the lessons others have learned in "battle" and march over to that site and have a look. Hup, two three four, hup two three four!

Actually, if you go there now, you'll get to listen to an interview with yours truly. I was lucky enough to join Wayne Thompson in a recent discussion and that discussion happens to be Episode 19 of PM War Stories. So give a listen!

Enjoy the interview!


PS: If you watched the Edwin Starr video, did I spell hnhhhh right?

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