Thursday, August 21, 2008

Scrappiest Project Management Contest Ever

So - the first order of business is defining "scrappy". The dictionary says scrappy means "having an aggressive and determined spirit". Another word for it is 'feisty'. In sports, this is usually the smaller player who makes up for their size with speed, craftiness, cunning, heart, assertiveness, focus, intensity, and just plain old willpower. For me, Boston Red Sox player Dustin Pedroia comes to mind, so I'm using his picture to represent the posting. There he is on the left, flying through the air after avoiding being "taken out" by a runner sliding into second base and still making a good throw to first base. We're also seeing some of this scrappiness in the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

As PMs, we know we need this scrappiness - because we don't always have the positional power in an organizational structure, yet we're fully accountable for the success of gigantic, important projects. We have to be scrappy. Not scrappy - not happy.

In my previous post, I review the "Scrappy Project Manager" book. Well, I was able to speak with its author, Kimberly Wiefling today and have arranged for her to ship a few gratis copies of the book to me for distribution in a 'creative' way to a few deserving PMs . To do that, I've decided to run a small contest - a scrappy contest - to give the books away. Try to control yourselves - we're talking, after all, about a US$19.95 value here!

I would like to give the books (one each) to the three most deserving, most Pedroia-like PMs. So all you need to do to win one of the books is to provide a brief, 100-word-or-less description of how you've demonstrated scrappiness to solve a project problem. That's it. Just plunk that in an email to by 30-September-2008, using 'Scrappy Contest Entry' as the subject line in the email.

I will go to a blue-ribbon panel of world-renowned experts (ha!) to judge the entries, and after their careful consideration I will ship a book to the winner(s). The decision of this blue-ribbon panel is final. I'll also post the best descriptions (anonymously, if you so indicate) here on the blog.

Good luck, and may the scrappiest PMs win!

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PJW said...

Wouldn't YOU jump like that when fondled unexpectedly?

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