Friday, June 20, 2008

Show us your blogs!

After only a couple of months of being active, the PM Blogger group on Linked In has swelled to a membership of 300. Yep, that’s three hundred of you who claim to be blogging about Project Management.

I’m thankful and impressed at the volume of interest. I’d like to take this to the next step by calling you to action in two ways:

Way 1: I realize that some of the members may only be thinking about blogging, and some of you may be blogging in an environment (like an intranet or military network) which would not allow you to share your blog with the PM Blogger group. But even if I skim off 40%, that leaves 60%, or 180 of you who have actual blogs about Project Management which could be promoted and shared. I’d like you to respond to this posting with a comment that provides the link and some basics of your blog – or at least as much as you’d like to provide. I’ll collect this info and put it up on Scope Crepe and the PM Blogger discussion group.

Way 2: I’d like to see a much greater participation level on the PM Blogger community discussion board. From our PM theory we know that the number of interactions we could have in a 300-person community is almost 45,000! And if we get up to 450 members – certainly foreseeable in the next month or two, we would more than double the number of interactions and be up towards 100,000. So get on board – don’t just randomly join a LinkedIn group – make use of it! Visit the discussion board here.


Anonymous said...

I write Tyner Blain ( ). While most of the articles focus on product management and business analysis, many of them involve, or are directly focused towards project management. Things like managing scope, using timeboxes, scheduling releases, etc.

Dina Garfinkel said...

I write The Critical Chain ( This is just getting started, but I am finding myself mostly wanting to write about risk management and quality, and have been having the most fun writing about connections between being a Project Manager and a mom.

Craig Brown said...

I publish Better Projects which is a blog for project managers and business analysts.

It stresses the soft skills in particular.

By the way - It was Scott's TynerBlain that got me enthusiastic enough to turn Better Projects into the blog it is today.

Thanks Scott! And thanks Rick!

Anthony Mersino said...

Hi Rich, at Emotional Intelligence for Project Managers ( I focus on soft skills for PMs and emotional intelligence.

While I am interested in all apects of project management, I don't think that soft skills get as much attention as they should so that is my personal crusade.

I am also a big Tyner Blain fan!

Mike Ramm said...

My blog is called "PM Stories" ( It has Bulgarian and English sections and I write mostly in Bulgarian because I believe my fellow citizens need more teaching and preaching about the software development process in general, and projet management and business analysis in particular.

I still manage to post several articles per month in the English section of the blog but I wish I was more productive.

michel operto said...

my blog is
I post in both French and English as my readers' base is mainly French speaking from Europe, North America, Africa and Middle East. I write about project management, PMOs, Portfolio Management and Leadership. Some articles are "only" translations from the many blogs I follow.

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