Monday, June 2, 2008

Project Management found on Mars!

As you probably know, NASA's Phoenix lander has started to send images back from the red planet. I have been carefully examining the extremely high-resolution versions of the imaging results and have come up with an astounding discovery. I see what appears to be a Critical Path diagram subtly drawn on the surface.

PMI and NASA are working together to determine any negative float, and PMI is already considering a new certification: The PMI-ET(SM) Certification, for extraterrestial PMs. A sample question from the upcoming PMI-ET exam:
You and your team have just fnixed a schnultio after glaarning over 30 xnoxes. The SPI of the project is 1.1. What can be said about this project?
A. The project is ahead of schedule, but behind on xnoxes
B. The project is behind schedule, but should not be fnixed again
C. There should be an increase in Interplanetary Process Assets
D. The Chief Project Glaarnner should be retained for lessons learned.
The answer is B. See section #, sub-paragraph z..

Look at the image below and see if you, too, can find the evidence in the martian soil.

With this discovery, the lander is now on the lookout for other PM artifacts, such as Gantt Charts, Pareto Diagrams, or perhaps a rock with the Earned Value equations etched on its surface.
Only further testing will verify if this Critical Path discovery are the results a random rock formation or the careful work of Martian PMs. Follow this development at the joint NASA-PMI website: .
Of course, this is all made up for the sake of comedy, but just imagine... if there is ice on Mars, the leap to Project Management is not that large...

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