Friday, May 16, 2008

One Hundred Fiddlers

100 Fiddlers!

The original rationale for publishing this blog - or at least one of the main motivations for doing so, was to get traction on an idea a colleague and I had to collaboratively write a PM book called, "The Fiddler on the Project". Part of that effort, in turn, called for a minimum of 100 collaborators to participate in the wiki, writespace, and survey that we made available several months ago.

We recently passed that 100 milestone and have 100 contributions to the book!

Does this mean we are turning off our input? No. In fact, we're both excited (and a little nervous) because this means we have to get very serious about writing the book now that we have this input. By the same token we are energized by the contributions, and want to see them keep on coming. So if you would like to participate in this, your comments and insight are still quite welcome.

From there you can go to our Writeboard page:

...where you can log in with the password "tradition".
We look forward to your participation. Fiddle away!

-Rich Maltzman, PMP
-Ranjit Biswas, PMP

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