Monday, April 14, 2008

As the crêpe turns...

Scope Crêpe has turned 1,000! Over one thousand unique site views, that is, just about a week ago. I've been very busy preparing some seminars- some PMP(R) prep, some focused on continuing education for PMP-certified folk. This has caused a slight lull in postings, but at the same time it's given me some great material for posting in the near future. You should see a great one coming up on managing proejct risk based on one of these seminars. This posting is a brief thank you for the 1,000 milestone. There is one more - The Fiddler on the Project survey is nearly at its full size of 100. My co-author and I have decided to re-energize the book once we have 100 co-authors via the comments on the survey. I just checked, and we're at 97, so if you want to add your voice to this collaborative book project via the survey, just visit the survey site now. The Fiddler wiki will remain open indefinitely, but the survey closes when we get to 100, and we are just about there.
Much more to come, I just wanted to share those two milestones with you and thank you for your participation!

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